What if your day planner was smart enough to help you grow your business, make more money, and never wonder “what do I do next?”

If you’re ready to map out your success and take your handmade business seriously, then the Etsy Shop Planner is for you!

It’s filled to the brim with necessary (and growth-encouraging) goodies that will help you make your Etsy shop 10x better.



The BRAND NEW version of our Etsy planner: Freshly re-vamped for today's Etsy seller. This planner teaches you how to plan for GOALS. You'll make more money in less time with this system.

We know you're a digital girl, livin' in a digital world...So our planner comes as a PDF and a fill-able canva template. You can print the pages as often as you need, daily, weekly, or yearly!


Have you realized that selling on Etsy isn’t as simple as it looks? If you’re not sure where you need to focus to increase sales (and turn this hobby of yours into a big-girl-pants business), then this planner is for you.

Does your idea of heaven consist of a perfectly organized shop complete with worksheets, planners, and business growth exercises?

Guess what: I won’t judge you for being OCD organized. In fact, every time I made an effort to organize my business, the better it did!

I created the Etsy Productivity Planner based on all the regular work I do for my shop each week. These methods took me from a few dollars a week to a 6-figure business in less than a year:

Yup, Ok...I NEED THIS!


The original Etsy planner was a crowd-pleaser that people still beg us for. We included a PDF copy for you, completely free. Plan your branding, shop products and social media with this version.

Having a planner that WORKS is only half the battle. If you want to fix your schedule once and for all, you need to learn how top entrepreneurs run their day...Which is exactly what I show you in this course!


Get it all for $27


Do you start the day with good intentions, only to wind up nose deep in social media for six hours? If you need an excuse to get off the internet, mute your phone, and get focused, this planner was created with you in mind!

Instead of paying $500 or more to work with me one-on-one, this planner is like your guidebook to my suggestions, strategies, and insights.

I’ll virtually hold your hand through each step…meanwhile, you’ll be creating a seriously enviable Etsy masterpiece.

Yeah, yeah, you’ve had a gazillion planners. They’re all the same, and none of them are meaty enough to plan a business.

Sister, I’ve been there. I’ve tried every planner on the $%#& market and then some. None of them support a thriving business, and none of them help you grow your business.

Until now.

The Etsy Productivity Planner is packed full of powerful exercises meant to help you make those sales on autopilot!

Don’t forget: this is a printable planner with NO DATES… so you can re-use it again and again!


Plan out your entire sales funnel the easy way. Our system will teach you how to install just ONE or TWO simple changes in your week to point your shop toward more sales automatically!


You want so many things in life -- so why haven't they happened yet? This planner will show you how to get OUT of your OWN way, and create the life you want, RIGHT NOW. No big change needed!


You don't need 500 planners...You need one that does it all. Stop switching between a million tools, and just get one that does it all. You can track your business and your personal life!

See how you can guarantee your own success by simply giving each week a job. Learn to stop being busy for sake of being busy. Instead, you'll be doing things that grow your profit every week.


I'm Ready to Get Organized!

2021 Brand New Etsy Shop Planner (PDF)
The system I use to get $400k of work accomplished in just 2-3 hours per day.
Valued at $27

2021 Planner Canva Templates
Our brand new planner in canva format so you have a forever digital copy.
Valued at $27

Original Etsy Productivity Planner (PDF)
The workbook that started it all!
Valued at $17

Course: Your Schedule is Failing You (and how to fix it)
Change one or two small things to get 4x more done in half the time.
Valued at $197



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Suzsanna 925 sales in her jewelry shop

Anya 1700+ sales in her felt shop

Tanya has 21,000+ sales in her crystal shop

Devin has 518 sales in her soap shop

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