On this page, you can record a quick soundbite.

You can talk for up to 10 minutes by scrolling down and clicking "record". Don't worry, you'll get a chance to listen to your soundbite before you submit...You can even re-record if you need to. Scroll on down to get started ⬇️

Talk Problems.

Tell us about a problem you solved on Etsy. Whether you used software, marketing, or something else, spill the tea!

Talk Results.

Listeners really want to hear about results. They specifically love NUMBERS. To prove something worked, do it with numbers!

Secrets + New Stuff

It's really hard to keep up with everything that's happening on the internet. Share anything NEW you've tried...Pretend you're gossiping with a friend over brunch. 

What Should I Say?

How to Record?


Guest on the Podcast!

Just Hit Record

You'll need to allow access to your microphone, and that's it! You can talk for up to 10 minutes, then press send!

More Than One Shot

Yup, you get as many tries as you need -- you can listen to your recording before you send it. Then choose to ship it off, or re-record if you prefer!

Send as Much as You Want

We always need podcast guests! So don't hesitate to record more than once if you have multiple ideas. We'll definitely take you up on that 😉